Project Brief

Foxtel Go is the IPTV solution of FOXTEL, which allows customers to stream live sports events or TV shows anytime, anywhere, on their mobile devices with the Foxtel Go App. The original product designed in 2012 was needing a redesign in 2016 due to the increased content library of FOXTEL, which was impacting the performance and stability of the application.

Project Goals

  • Improve Stability and experience on mobile devices
  • Improve content discovery and personalisation
  • Align design with the iQ3 (Foxtel’s Set Top Box) to showcase the benefits to all
  • Design approach to Windows 10 and Mac OS




Foxtel Go Lead UX Designer: Juan Cordoba


  • User research analysis & user interviews
  • Usage data, community reviews and customer feedback analysis
  • Identifying the user needs and persona development
  • Creating user scenarios and tasks analysis
  • Design studios with stakeholders for concept ideation
  • Usability testing for concepts validation
  • Stakeholder presentations
  • User interface and interaction design
  • Collaboration with the business analysts in the creation of detailed requirements
  • Prototyping and walkthrough with vendors to kick off development
  • Wireframing and concept design iterations including stakeholder feedback

User Research

The following cores were identified after interviewing users, analysing user behaviours (usage data) and user feedback from the app stores. The improvement of this cores were vital to improve the overall user experience of the product.


• Support better content extensibility by allowing future content growth; like more Live TV channels and more Anytime catalogue.

• Allow users to easily find the content via the "Search" tool. Relevancy on the results needs to be reviewed in order to display the most relevant results to the user at the top.

Features Prioritization

• Improve product performance and stability
• Improve product connectivity ( IQ3/2 + Airplay + Chrome cast)
• Improve Video Quality to HD
• Assure upcoming updates work properly
• Fix internet connection issues
• Improve Accessibility ( Close Captions)
• Support more Android Devices
• Review device management

User Interface & Interaction

• Facilitate finding specific programs via the “Search” tool and intuitive content categories
• Enable users to discover new content that relate to them via personalised recommendations based on their viewing habits (data)
• Facilitate continue watching in Foxtel via “Keep Watching” and “Watch list”
• Improve lean back experience by enhancing the “End of Playback” experience
• Enhance user interaction by making the navigation consistent (vertical scroll to find more content + Horizontal carousels)

Persona Development

Thanks to the findings from the user research the CX Team was able to identify the motivations, needs and main pain points that users were experiencing on the Foxtel Go app

Darren User Profile

Obsessive Fan


  • Love the portability and flexibility of accessing my TV content anywhere, anytime. I always bring the iPad to the BBQ to be able to watch the footy.
  • I’m catching up on “Entourage and I like to watch a couple of episodes every night
  • I love to discuss the episodes I watched with my friends
  • I don’t want to miss out on the latest episodes of GOT
  • I enjoy being the “TV Expert” among my friends
  • I love to watch and talk about the NRL games with my friends
  • I spent plenty of time to watching TV


  • Find Fox Sports
  • Be up to date with the latest episode of my favourite shows (GOT and Entourage)
  • Continue binge-watching Entourage and GOT
  • To never miss a game of NRL
  • Easily find all games of NRL


  • App often crashes and freezes
  • Can’t connect to airplay or chrome cast, I’d love to be able to connect my iPad to the big screen.
  • Can’t find the Footy Channel on PC/MAC
  • Programs are missing episodes and seasons
  • I have to search for the next episodes and seasons. They are not right away available
  • Finding all the seasons of a TV Show is difficult
  • I have to re-find my favourite programs every time I open the app
  • I’m watching GOT and Entourage and I can’t keep track of my viewing progress for those shows

Currently Watching / Last watched

  • Game of Thrones & Entourage
  • NRL
Julie User Profile

Occasional Watcher


  • Love the fact that I can watch my favourite show “Cosmos” in the iPad while my husband is watching the rugby the big TV in the living room
  • Enjoy being able to access my Foxtel content when we are traveling or on holidays.
  • Love to kill time watching TV on the iPad when waiting in the airport. Times flies when you watch something…
  • I hope to find “Quality” well produced shows in Foxtel that are worth to watch…
  • I hope to find the movie my friend recommended me
  • I fear to waste my time watching something I won’t get something out of.


  • Find and Re-find my favourite channel ASAP
  • Find and Re-find my favourites shows easily
  • Good recommendations that are close to my taste
  • Easy way to find specific/niche content


  • Only 3 registered devices is not enough for my family
  • Search does not work properly, I typed a movie and I couldn’t find it in the results, then I went to A-Z and it’s there…
  • Latest Update broke the app
  • Most of the content is irrelevant to me
  • Finding “Quality” content that relates to me is hard
  • No close captions
  • My husband can’t install the app on his Android tablet because it’s not supported
  • Poor video quality…

Currently Watching / Last watched

  • Schindler’s list
  • Cosmos, A Spacetime Odyssey
Melanie User Profile

Restless Browser


  • Relax and unwind in bed watching TV in the iPad after the daily chores are complete and kids are asleep.
  • I hope to discover the new “Popular” shows
  • I love when the kids simply get entertained watching TV in the iPad and I get some free time for me
  • I like to kill some time watching TV on the weekends
  • In the lunch break ( At work ) I look for movies to watch on the same night


  • Help on deciding what to watch, show me good content for me
  • Quickly Find something “Cool” to watch now!
  • Quickly find the program that the kids love
  • Make sure the kids do not watch inappropriate content


  • I can’t decide what to watch
  • Sometimes the app does not detect my internet
  • I flick through channels for hours
  • Browsing and browsing is a pain
  • I often tune into channel when the program is halfway through
  • App logs me out and I need to Re-login and I often forget my password
  • I can’t find the big bang theory anymore, It was there before and it seems to be removed…

Currently Watching / Last watched

  • NYC Real Housewives
  • Big Hero 6

Ideation + Wireframing

Thanks to the insights from the user research the CX Team was able run several Design Studios (Workshops) with stakeholders to start sketching some ideas of possible solutions. Then we started with the wireframing and socialisation of the concepts with all departments in the company.

Usability Testing

The wireframes were tested with 5 users who gave us valuable feedback and helped us to identify potential issues in the interface and navigation.

Go to Prototype

UI Design

The UI Design challenge was to bring the experience closer to the IQ3 (Foxtel set top box) as well as simplifying current features and integrating seamlessly the new ones.

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