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5 Best Augmented Reality Apps 2017

Technology is progressing faster than ever before. The line between “real” and “virtual” are slowly becoming blurred. Although the most popular AR apps are still mobile-based games, we’re starting to see an uptake from other sectors such as design, translation and communications.

Top 5 UX Design Trends To Follow In 2017

2016 was all about minimalism and anticipatory design. So what UX Design Trends can we expect from 2017? Here are the top 5 trends we think will dominate this year.

The Remote Work Evolution

The idea of hiring employees to work outside the office has spurred a heated global debate over the last decade. From its humble beginnings in 2005, it has gained enormous momentum, with a 73% increase (2 million workers) by 2011 in the US alone. Flexible working hours is now the #1 desired job benefit in the United States for all age groups. In addition, 92% of Millennials have expressed the desire to work remotely.