Project Brief

“Yogiverse” is back-office web application for yoga studio owners and managers to effectively run their studios. Our goal was to design a mobile application that assist owners and teachers in their studios.

Project Goals

  • Identify user needs based on existent user research
  • Identify main features for MVP
  • Design the best “Check-in” & “Payments” experiences for yoga students
  • Design Prototype

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UX Designer: Juan Cordoba & Wendy Lee


  • User research analysis & user interviews
  • Perform a “Contextual Inquiry” to identify user’s behaviours
  • Identifying the user needs and persona development
  • Usability testing for concepts validation
  • Identify main features for MVP
  • Wireframe main screens
  • Design “Check-in” & “Payments” user flow
  • Validate designs with “Usability Testing”

User Research

We started with the analysis of 34 in depth interviews provided by Yogiverse. The interviews covered studio owners and yoga teachers. We extracted user goals & pain points by creating an affinity diagram to identify user needs and product features.


Currently, 90% of the users use a system called “Mind Body Online” which is causing a lot of trouble among studios and teachers when they try to accomplish simple tasks like the following ones:

User Needs

• To be able to view students and contact them
• Ability to find substitutes would be nice to have
• To be able to keep on top of schedule and classes
• Reliable system that is quick to check in/sign up students
• Payments between teachers, students and owners to be uncomplicated

Pain Points

• Payments are a pain point with the current system they are using is clunky, slow
• Check-ins are a pain point clunky, slow
• Reporting is complicated to setup. It needs to be done via call to MBO support
• Current solutions are unreliable

Persona Development

Thanks to our findings from the research analysis we were able to identify 2 main kind of users who will be benefited from using Yogiverse App.

Persona Profile
Persona Profile

Contextual Inquiry

The livingroom yoga school at cogee gave us the opportunity to conduct a contextual inquiry. Observing the check in process and students getting into the class. This gave us invaluable information about the user and its environment.

Sketching and Ideation

Thanks to the insights from the user research and contextual inquiry we were able to start sketching some ideas that helped us to solve our user’s needs. We then started with the sketching and ideation of a possible MVP.

Minimum Viable Product

The development of a MVP allowed us to do fast testing of the product and features which gave us great qualitative feedback.The strategy used to develop the MVP was to focus on the features that users are most likely to use on the go. Such as the Check in feature, search for students and stuff, substitutions, notifications, and viewing the schedule. Features such as shop and reports can be added later on, as they are not fundamental to the studios. This features were validated by testing with the users who helped us to refine them.

MVP Screens Mockup

Student Check In

This is the main feature offered by Yogiverse. Easy and quick check-in process by offering owners and teachers a quick way to look up for students and check them in.

Yogiverse Check In User Flow

3 Steps Check in

Student Check In Screen

1.Select a Class and tap the check in button.

Student Check In Screen

2. Look up for a student called Sarah Smith and tap on her name to check her in.

Student Check In Screen

3. If the student has passes left on her account no payment is needed and the student is checked in


The payment method preferred is cash followed by eftpos. This screen allows owners and teachers to register the payment method received. The majority of the studios use an eftpos machine to receive the card payments. Any Additional payment methods such as Paypal, Direct Debit or even Square up can be configured from the web application and will need additional configuration. Concession pricing option is pending to be added!

Payment Screen Mockup

Student Profile

Student Profile Mockup

Staff and Students

Yogiverse Screens Mockup

Usability Testing

We ran 3 usabillity testing sessions with studio owners and teachers. This allowed us to refine the prototype and reduce screens and steps which alllowed our users to accomplish the tasks given successfully. Our users loved how quick and easy it was to check-in students to classes. They loved that the prototype was simple and made sense to them. They did have questions about parts of our design, which helped us refine our subsequent prototypes.

User Persona

1st Usability Testing session with Angela and Mat

  • Confusion over the check-in process. Confirmation message is missing.(Confirmation message was added after this)
  • “Check-in page needs to contain the name and time of the class” Fixed!
  • We need to be able to see who has attended the class. Added!
  • Students can still attend class but a reminder needs to create a note/reminder to get them to pay next time.(Send payment reminder to student feature added)
  • Be able to contact student by email or phone to chase them for classes they haven’t paid for. Added!
  • Be able to edit a class’ teacher. Added! In emergency situations, get a list of teachers who are actually available and start calling. Added!
  • When students arrives late or has problem with payment. We allow them to take the class and solve the problem later. We need the functionallity of doing a payment or checkin after the class is finished. (Skip-payment option added)
User Persona

2nd Usability Testing session with Sarah

  • The checkin process was quick and easy
  • Sarah will love to have a way to contact students that did not pay for the class. Added!
  • Substitution feature did not make sense to the users as it was too complicated.
  • Activity Feed was not a relevant feature for them.
  • Reports: Will be a nice to have on the phone but not really necessary. They are looking forward to see those detailed report data from the studio on the web application.
Contextual Inquiry Testing Image

3rd Usability Testing session with Dara

  • “Considering I’m not tech savvy, I could work it out.”
  • May need to highlight the hamburger menu with a colour or something. She did not notice there were some additional options. Fixed.
  • May need to make a “global search” on Dashboard.
  • Dara did not look for sections such as “Students” section. Added. Dara had to look for the “save” button and “add” button when adding new student.
  • She expected those buttons to be down the bottom because the “pay” button was also down the bottom.
  • Loved the way the checkin was quick and easy.
  • Substitutions feature is only needed as a way to register the substitution of


Yogiverse received a refined interactive prototype that illustrates the main features needed to build an MVP: The flows delivered include: Student check-ins and payments, viewing student accounts, finding substitutes, viewing schedules, adding new classes, viewing staff members, reviewing important notifications.

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