Project Brief

2PAY is a mobile payments web platform that allow merchants to bill their customers to their mobile phones via SMS. Unfortunately for its customers 2PAY had a really long and painful sign up process that involved long forms and unnecessary steps. Additionally the process to setup the mobile payments service was troublesome. Our goal was to improve the sign up process and service setup for the merchants.

Project Goals

  • Increase sign up conversion rates
  • Identifying the pain points of the current signup
  • Improve On Boarding Experience
  • Improve sing up process
  • Improve services setup

UX Designer: Juan Cordoba


  • Research customer’s feedback
  • Design User Interface Design
  • Collaborate with the development
  • Design user flows

User Research

Working collaboratively with the customer support manager at 2PAY we were able to gather valuable customer support data from Merchants who were experiencing difficulties with the system.


The conversion low numbers were result of a poor on boarding experience that was causing numerous issues for first time users. The 2PAY merchant's portal is a tech driven product that wasn't very user friendly due its complexity. The product was built based on business assumptions + technical limitations which caused several usability problems.

User Needs

• To be able to sign up quickly
• Ability to choose between different packaged
• To be able to signup with facebook or google
• We need a reliable and trust worthy  system because we are getting paid through this product.

Pain Points

• Packages are unclear
• The benefits one get on each package is not evident
• Signing up is a pain, the form is way too long
• Setting up the service is confusing

Sign Up

Step 1 – Choose Your Plan:
The new sign up process was split into 3 easy steps that Merchants can complete within a few minutes. 2PAY focused on coverage as the strongest selling point and deciding factor.

2Pay Signup Packages

Step 2 – Sign up
Facebook & Google login accelerates the sign up process and allow 2PAY to grab the merchant’s details to use them in future social media marketing campaigns.

2Pay Signup Screen

Step 3 – Enter Details
A pre-populated form with the merchant’s details grabbed from facebook or google ease up the process of creating a new account. This allows Merchants to focus the into entering their credit card details and finalise the sign up process.

2Pay Sign Up Payment Screen

Services Setup

Step 1 – Choose Type Of Campaign
We created 3 type of campaigns that respond to our merchants needs. Each one has a slightly different setup process that facilitate the process.

2Pay Setup Screen

Step 2 – Enter Campaign Details
A progress bar was integrated in order to inform users how far they are to get up and running with their campaigns. Additionally all text input fields, buttons, toggles and drop downs were simplified and aligned to improve readability.

2Pay Setup Screen

Step 3 – Review & Finish
We auto generate the campaign by setting up automatically the price points according to the currency value entered by the user. Making it easy for the user to review and finalise the campaign.

2Pay Setup Screen


2Pay On boarding experience was successfully design and developed with bootstrap in 2013. The new sign up conversions increased over time as well as the number of campaigns created by merchants. We heard 2PAY's customers and we answered them.

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